Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Aha Mama EC Giveaway

Site ~ Aha Mama is having

an impromptu EC (or Easy!) Giveaway Party. just do any or all of the steps below and you will be receiving Entrecard credits from me.

1. Greet her on HER blogversary by leaving a comment here. - 20 credits

2. Follow this blog. - 30 credits

3. Subscribe to her feeds via email. - 50 credits

3. Invite others to the party by posting about the giveaway with a link back to Aha Mama and to this post. Leave a comment here with a permalink to your post. - 100 credits

If you do all these, you get to take home a max of 200 ECs. Easy-peasy, right?

Since all parties must come to an end, this EC Giveaway Party will only last for 1 week. I will start distributing the credits on November 15. Early party-goers will be receiving theirs right away while some might be getting theirs a week or two later because of the EC transfer limit.

Let's start the party! I hope you'll enjoy your goodie bag!

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