Tuesday, December 2, 2008

30 Free Greeting Cards at Kodak

This isn't a contest, but such an amazing deal!

I just got 30 photo greeting cards + 75 free prints (for being new) for ...

$1.48 !!!

Here is what you need to do, register a new account (if you want the free prints) or log into your Kodak Gallery account.

Pick a greeting card, I selected a 5 x 7 10 pack that starts at 9.99 for 1. Design your card & order 3 (30 cards)

Then use coupon codes ~ tryus3 and then 20freecards

You can either have your order shipped to you or to a store. I opted for a CVS pick up since I have a prescription there anyways. My grand total before adding 75 pictures was .48 !

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