Tuesday, January 27, 2009

April Showers 100th Post Giveaway

Site ~ April Showers

Prize ~ Prizes:

Two winners will be chosen in each category.

1. Totally Awesomely Amazingly Wonderful Customized Blog Layout! Of course this is going to be the numero uno prize silly head! The winners get one of everything under the Blog TLC link above.

2. A $40 gift basket filled with TONS of customized mark. and Bath and Body Works products! Luxurious shower gels, yummy lotions, makeup, hair styling products, accessories, jewelry and more! Click on the link -----> on the right sidebar to go to my online store and pre-browse!

3. Custom Illustration! How cute would you look as a cartoon? Adorable!!! Full body, half, or headshot available. You can use it as your avatar, incorporate it into a header, or even print it out and put it on cards or embellishments. Great for Etsy stuff!

4. 10 winners will get 50% off any blog TLC items of their choice!

Deadline ~ Feb 1st

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