Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twitter Bling Party

Site ~ The Coupon Coup

Prize ~ 1 winner

Set of ChicBuds (I have these and they are incredibly fabulous). ChicBuds are retractable earbuds that will work with your mp3 player or iPod or your computer. Oh, and they are adorned with Swarovski Crystals!

Set of RockBuds. Retractable earbuds for the dudes...no girlie crystals here...but some rockin' designs to set them apart from the crowd.

Fumi purse accessory. This thing is seriously cool. It really IS a multi purpose innovation! I've been using mine to keep my purse off the floor...keep my purse and my diaper bag together...as a bracelet..its so cool.

oh, and there is MORE...

Modern Union will be supplying this lucky winner with a Yoga Bag and Laptop sleeve!
I am drooling over these bags :) The name "Yoga Bag" is a bit deceptive you must check them out...it is a messenger bag with a slick carrier attached to the bottom that can carry your yoga mat! The Laptop sleeve matches the design of the bag and they are just too cute!

Deadline ~ 2/13 5pm cst

Site ~ The Good Enough Witch

Prize ~ 1 winner


Good Enough Witch Prize Package includes all four of the following items (click each to see image):

Deadline ~ 2/13 5pm est

Site ~ The Cool Mom Guide

Prize ~ 1 winner

Deadline ~ 2/13
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  1. I would love to be entered in this drawing. How fun. Just looking around your blog and it looks great!